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Exclusively for those who demand the highest quality diagnosis for their patients in the most challenging of cases, the E-CUBE 15 consistently delivers speed, throughput and accuracy. The E-CUBE 15 seamlessly integrates ALPINION proprietary imaging technologies, crafted transducer set and intuitive application software.
ALPINION's unique FleXcan™ Architecture, the software-based imaging platform, guarantees uniform image quality and performance, and easy upgrade to maintain the system level to the most latest one. ALPINION's specialized solutions for women's health ensure superior image quality, intuitive and streamlined workflow.



• Useful transducer set for women’s health
ALPINION’s advanced transducer technology brings a wide range of transducers including world first single crystal volume convex transducer(SVC1-6) and wide linear transducer for breast exams(L3-12WD). 

• Volume Master™
Volume Master™ is ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D rendering software offering fast rendering speed and outstanding rendering quality.
- Flexible ROI Imaging

• Live HQ™
Live HQ™, ALPINION’s innovative volume rendering technology, generates superb and realistic images of the human fetus. The illuminating effect visualizes more depth and shadow with no limitation of moving the virtual light source to highlight important clinical details. Live HQ™ enhances diagnostic confidence and improved patient communication.

• Excellent color/Doppler image performance

• Auto Trace PW, CW
Auto Trace automatically calculates and displays peak velocities, ratios, volume indices and ejection fraction.

• SRI / FullSRI™
SRI / FullSRI™ minimize artifacts and enhance edge boundaries.

• PITHI & FTHI – Advanced Harmonic Imaging
PITHI (Phase Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging) and FTHI (Filtered Tissue Harmonic Imaging) permit accurate diagnosis through rapid and clean images.

• SCI (Spatial Compounding Imaging) and FCI (Frequency Compounding Imaging)
The SCI and FCI provide higher contrast, less artifacts and more uniform images(from near  field to far field) by steering multiple beam angles and combining ultrasound data from different frequencies.

• Xpeed™
Xpeed™ is a one-button optimization tool for efficient diagnostic flow.  It optimizes images in 2D, color flow and Doppler modes.

• Harmonic Imaging
Advanced harmonic imaging technology provides sharper contrast resolution.
PITHI (Phase Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging) and FTHI (Filtered Tissue Harmonic Imaging) permit accurate diagnosis through rapid and clean images.

• CUBE View™
CUBE View™ is ALPINION’s world’s first real-time ultrasound image sharing solution.
Through wireless connection and CUBE View™ app in iPhone and iPad, users can share live ultrasound images from E-CUBE to anywhere.

The Net CUBE CARE™ is ALPINION’s network-based remote customer service. It is a convenient service to access E-CUBE system on network and troubleshoot any problem promptly.  



• Higher energy conversion efficiency than conventional piezo-ceramic materials
• Greater uniformity and sensitivity
• Higher resolution image, wide bandwidth and deep penetration

ALPINION’s unique acoustic engineering produces a beam-field pattern that provides a uniform image performance. ALPINION's specialized single crystal technology, Crystal Signature™, produces higher resolution image, wide bandwidth and deep penetration.


• Smaller and lightweight transducers reducing operator fatigue
• The lightest and most flexible transducer cable
• Micro-pinless interconnect technology

The innovative ALPINION’s transducer design, MicroFit™ technology, has resulted in smaller and lightweight transducers with better ergonomics that reduce operator fatigue. Special attention is paid to the transducer cable, which is the lightest and most flexible in the ultrasound industry, further reducing the strain on the operator. Image quality is preserved under all conditions with the tough and robust connectors, which utilize the latest micro-pinless interconnect technology.



• CSA™(Clear Signal Amplifier) / LNA(Low Noise Amplifier)
• Low loss cable and matching technology with system

The CSA™ generates an enriched purified signal with active electronics from high quality piezo-electric materials. The high-performance low loss cable transfers high-sensitive signals for optimum impedance matching with the system. The result is significantly enhanced sensitivity and high resolution images.


• Ensures stable imaging performance
• Easy software upgrade to the latest performance level

ALPINION’s unique ultrasound imaging platform (FleXcan™ Architecture), based on a software structure, ensures stable imaging performance and uniform image quality across the whole product lifetime, and easy upgradability to the latest performance level.


 • Integrated imaging technology set for enhanced image

ALPINION’s integrated post-processing technology set, Optimal Imaging Suite™, embedded in the E-CUBE series creates optimized images for each application by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.


Design & Ergonomics