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Lone Star Stays


For simpler, better-managed surgeries. 
The self-retaining Lone Star Retractor System is a completely flexible comprehensive system composed of specially designed retractor rings and elastic stays that provides optimal exposure with the ability to adapt to changes in the surgical field rapidly.

The secret to the counter tension created by the elastic stay. Initial retraction is achieved by placing two stays into the tissue and then inserting the stays into the slots of the ring in opposing quadrants. The stays are available in an array of shapes, sizes and materials, and are designed to ease manipulation of both delicate and robust structures.
Stay hook packaging includes a slotted tray that not only facilitates delivery to the surgical field without glove puncture or compromise, but also simplifies accountability of used hooks after completing the procedure.

3311-1G - 5 mm sharp hook (50/Case)
3311-8G - 5 mm sharp hook (8/Pack)
3314-1G - 3 mm sharp hook (50/Case)
3314-8G - 3 mm sharp hook (8/Pack)
3325-4G - 5 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3327-4G - 7 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3329-4G - 9 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3331-4G - 13 mm Spira blunt hook (4/Pack)
3330-4G - 13 mm x 16 mm solid blade (4/Pack)
3332-4G - 14 mm x 16 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3333-4G - 16 mm Spira two-finger (4/Pack)
3334-4G - 20 mm x 16 mm four-finger (4/Pack)
3335-4G - 20 mm Spira three-finger (4/Pack)
3338-4G - 6.5 mm x 16 mm solid blade (4/Pack)
3350-1G - 12 mm blunt hook (50/Case)
3350-8G - 12 mm blunt hook (8/Pack)
3350L-4G - 12 mm blunt hook, elongated lead (4/Pack)
3384-4 - 12 mm two-finger blunt hook (4/Pack)
3550-1G - 12 mm blunt hook, dual lead (50/Case)
3316-1G - 5 mm blunt hook (50/case)
3316-8G - 5 mm blunt hook (8/Pack)